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About Us

Our Office Team.

Meet our Georgia office staff, this amazing group of individuals assist with prospective, new and existing clients as a priority. Each department has been trained and specializes in providing premium customer service.

Our Approach

Here at S.O.S. (Saving Our Selves) Counseling and Consultation Group, LLC, we use a holistic health approach as the foundation for treatment we provide to our clients. We take the time necessary to complete a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment to ensure that we learn all of the most important things about each client to be able to provide quality and competent clinical mental and behavioral health counseling. After which, we collaborate with our clients to create an individualized treatment plan that focuses on addressing all areas of need for the client. So from the onset of services, we will have a depth of knowledge that will equip us with what we need to bring whatever is lacking into your life. 

Regarding the idea of holistic health, we ensure that we look at how your mental health is impacting your physical being and provide you with tools and resources to make improvements in this area of your life as well.

We are also great collaborators with other professionals in our community as a way to ensure that if we do not have everything you are needing to meet your emotional and mental needs, we provide referrals and resources to other stakeholders/providers who may be able to close any gaps that may arise rather than turning you away by saying, "Sorry but we can't help you with that here." 

We are a very diverse team and we continue to expand our team with members who have a vast amount of experience and expertise in various areas in this field.

Your Well-being Matters

Getting  Support

At SOS Counseling & Consultation Group, LLC, we prioritize your well-being and offer a safe space for your healing journey. 

Trusted Therapy Provider

We take pride in being a trusted therapy provider in the area, committed to making a positive impact on the lives of our clients. 

Our Commitment
Experienced Therapists

Our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to helping you achieve mental wellness and personal growth.

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