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YOGA & Meditation Workshops

“…I have never healed anyone of anything. What I do is perform a specific spinal adjustment to remove nerve pressure, and the body responds by healing itself”

Dr. Ray Page Chiropractor


Would you ever like to feel spiritually grounded, strengthen your immune system, have the ability to regulate your emotions more effectively, bolster your self-esteem and confidence, lower anxiety, and increase your resistance to stress! Are you interested in how Ancient Egyptian Yoga can help you with this?  Then, yes, this workshop is just for you!

Some facts:

Yoga has been used for conditions such as: addiction, aches and pains, depression, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, sexual debility, stress and tension, indigestion, asthma, bronchitis, prostate troubles, menstrual tension to name a few.

Yoga has these following benefits as well: improve physical fitness, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase flexibility, more resilient to stress to name a few.


From the commencement of class, each person will come with each’s own unique results from a long day; we will then introduce ourselves, and then begin to turn our focus to the breath. Instantly, you will notice that anxiety, insecurities, feelings of sadness, stress, etc. dissipate from you. Then from posture to posture, you will feel the movement of pure energy flowing throughout your body. Ending by laying flat on your back, just as you began, feeling your completeness, relaxed, strong, and at peace. Finally, we will end with a few chants to complete the system and allow the energy within to flow outside of you through sound.


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Thank you to Dr. Muata Ashby and Dr. K. Clarke-Ashby for creating this amazing and self healing flow. To learn more and experience the glorious benefits, come and join our  Wednesday class.


Are you dealing with racing thoughts, sleepless nights, in ability to control impulses at times? Due you have conditions such high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, ADHD? Are you wanting to develop the ability to connect with your deepest essence and experience a sense of peace that brings about a bliss that cannot be attained through anything else in your life? Then this program is for you! 

Some facts:

Mediation has been around since the most ancient time on this planet and has been used in so many different ways and cultures to establish a peaceful state of mind. Just like fashion, in time things do come back presenting to be the newest trend but in reality, very ancient. Meditation and mindfulness seems to be taking on this form. As so many individuals are interested in implementing mindfulness in their lives, in schools, doctors are now recommending it, it is truly one of the trending topics related to health and wellness. However, with so much attention being placed on it, considering its benefits, the masses are doing their best with trying to implement it in their daily lives; but there are some struggles and the reasons are infinite. However a common reason for not being able to maintain this practice is due to thoughts like, "I dont think I am doing this right, my thoughts are too noisy, I dont like sitting with myself and hearing the thoughts in my head," just to name a few. SO feeling inadequate/defeated at this practice causes it to go on the back burner. Here are a few links to some articles that further elaborates on research findings related to it use and benefits for the brain and psychological well-being.

About This Program

Being apart of this class/movement, you will be provided with the opportunity to learn how to resist temptations of life, over time notice control over the mind and senses, and evolve into a person who has mastery over self. You will learn proper and cleansing breathing techniques that can be used in any place at anytime. You will learn how become detached but from your thoughts, sensations, emotions and images that contribute to distress and misery while still being present. You will learn how to increase your ability to concentrate more effectively as well. 


Rebecca Morgan Brown is a BASU/Teacher, LPC in the state of GA, National Certified Counselor, and Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. These credentials have equipped her with the necessary knowledge needed to understand how this these tools can bring about so many benefits to individuals seeking mental/behavioral health services. She is also dedicated to offering support to her community by assisting individuals with improving their well being/quality of life. 





This beginners program will commence in January 2021

If you are interested, please call us to sign up and get more information.
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